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Monday, 27 November 2017

Blue Lillies

I’d be lying if I said I’m 100% happy with my blog. I suppose any blogger will tell you there are little things they’d like to change about their blog’s overall appearance and the content they’re producing but recently, my desire to drastically overhaul my blog is all I can think about and I’m not talking strictly cosmetic changes.

When I first started this blog, it was under an entirely different name, it had an ever-changing colour scheme, a bog standard template, and the content was nothing more than spoilt, whiny teenage ramblings. Eventually, I moved into YouTube so this blog became an extension of my channel and it was a poor excuse for a beauty blog that featured over cropped, incredibly dark images of products that I bought for the sheer sake of reviewing.  Finally, my blog became what it is today; a mish-mash of my ramblings, occasional beauty reviews and lots of books. It doesn’t make any sense and I’m a firm believer that you do not need a niche to be successful but I hate what my blog has become.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy creating my content because I do; it’s more a case of this blog is no longer an accurate representation of my thoughts or my overall being. I’ve  felt myself get sucked into the idea of needing bright white photos, beautiful flat lays and calling everyone “lovely” in order to maintain and grow my readership and in all honesty, I hate all of that. The bright white photos hurt my eyes, I don’t have the ability to create pretty little flat lays and the mere idea of me calling anyone “lovely” makes me cringe. I’ve watched myself try desperately to belong to a community that, on some level, I can’t relate to and it’s exhausting.

That’s not to say every blogger is the same and I would hate for anyone to walk away (or click away if we’re going for the literal sense) from this post thinking I’m tarring every person who calls themselves a beauty or lifestyle blogger with the same brush. It’s more like I’ve watched this community grow and change and I tried to adapt but always found myself standing on the wrong side of the fence. If blogging was evolution, I'd be extinct.

The change in myself also plays a role in how I’m viewing my own blog. I don’t really care about buying the latest makeup release or what haircare product I should be using. I have no interest in spending my money on products just so I have blog content. I don’t want to have to set up the perfect layout in order to photograph a new item before I allow myself to use it. I just want to write my opinions on things I care about and articulate my thoughts beyond the limited characters of Twitter.

I also want to stop biting my tongue. I’ve written countless tweets that I’ve then deleted because I’m all too aware of how often people read between the lines that aren't there and try to start an argument on things I never said or even thought. I can’t be bothered with people pushing their agenda into mine just so they can discredit whatever it is I’ve said and then never do anything to promote whatever it is they just shoved down my throat again. I’m bored of feeling like if I share an opinion that may be a little too controversial for the safety of social media I’ll probably offend someone and become enemy number one.

So, with all that in mind, this blog is going to become more of a social commentary than an odd selection of beauty, ramblings, and books. I don’t expect anyone to enjoy whatever it is I have to say as it will solely be my, hopefully, well-thought-out, opinions but I know that my enjoyment of my hobby is more important than someone’s dislike for it.

I will still feature the things I like; the books won’t go away especially with the next round of books I plan on reading as they fit in nicely with the direction I’m going in but the beauty posts for the sake of content are going. They may return, there may be a product I love that I just have to feature or I may be paid to promote something and will decide paying my bills is more important than my integrity but I’m done trying to conform to something I have no interest in. I was never good at creating bright, white photos and pretty flat lays anyway...

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