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I don’t think I’ve ever managed to write one of these “about me” pages without sounding like an absolute idiot but let’s try this anyway.

I’m Mel, I’m a 20 something-year-old Scottish girl with an inexplicable American accent and I am so pale I can probably blend into white walls. I started blogging around 10 years ago after being inspired by Company magazine’s regular feature on bloggers. Back then, it was just a place for me to write absolute nonsense (kind of what this blog is really) and moan about mundane teenage things. My blogging was sporadic and pointless so I never really stuck with it. I became more interested in blogging when I still had a YouTube channel (nothing major but I did make enough to pay for my tattoos so there’s a bonus) and continued to blog once I shut my YouTube channel down.

I’m a huge American sports fan, particularly NFL, and will be inconsolable whenever my teams lose (which is often). I’m also a secret Real Madrid fan, a hidden rugby fan and I will occasionally try to understand the appeal of tennis if absolutely necessary. Any other sport though and I’m probably asleep on the floor.

I’m also a big art fan and will probably rattle off the most useless facts about certain artists if you ask. I like to draw and paint but, like blogging, it’s been sporadic over the years so I’ve never really improved. In May this year, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit a few artists at their studios and became more inspired than I’ve ever been. As a result, I’ve been drawing and painting almost every day but I still suck, I just suck less now.

There’s probably more I could tell you but I resent how self-indulgent this has already become. Check out my social media platforms if you want to know more (and to see pictures of my puppies!)

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