If you would like to work with me, please email raisethewaves@gmail.com

- All sponsored content will have a disclaimer at the end of each post. This will state the name of the company I am collaborating with.
- All affiliate links will be marked with an asterisk (*)
- If you choose to send me a product for review, I ask that you allow an appropriate amount of time for me to try the product and form an unbiased opinion.
- In the event that I do not like a product that has been sent for review, I will contact you with my concerns. At this point, I will give you the opportunity to decide if you would like me to proceed with the review. If I do not like the product, I will not return it unless you kindly pay for the cost of postage.
- I will not accept pre-written content from SEO companies.
- I will accept guest posts from companies if the content will not be duplicated on any other sites and is suitable for my site. I will also accept guest posts from other bloggers if I feel that the content is beneficial for both of us.
- If you would like me to create sponsored content on a strict deadline, please ensure you state this in your initial outreach email. If no date is agreed upon, please allow 2-3 weeks for the post to go live.

A media pack is available on request. 

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