If you would like to work with me please contact me via raisethewaves@gmail.com. A media pack is available on request.

Sponsored Posts/Links:

All sponsored posts will contain a disclaimer and all sponsored/affiliate links will be cleared marked with an asterisk (*). I will not accept payment for follow links as per Google’s guidelines and I will also not include any links to gambling websites. Affiliate links may appear in non-sponsored posts.

If you have sent me a product for review I ask that you give me enough time to try the product so I can form honest, unbiased opinions. If I do not like a product, I may choose to not write a review. Should this happen, I will not return the product unless you kindly pay for the postage. Depending on the item, I may charge for a review. Please contact me for further details on my prices.

Should I not like a product, I will contact you and discuss how you would like to proceed. I aim to provide honest reviews for each and every product I discuss on my blog but I understand the impact a negative review can have.

While I am happy to provide a draft of the post prior to publishing it, I will retain full creative control and will not change anything unless absolutely necessary (i.e. an incorrect link has been added).

Sponsored posts will usually be published within 2 weeks unless we have already agreed on a set deadline. Please note: I cannot guarantee the post will definitely be up within 2 weeks so, unless an agreed deadline has been set, there is no time limit on sponsored posts.


All photographs and written content have been created by me. I will no doubt be happy to let you use my photos but please contact me beforehand. Failure to get written consent may result in legal action. I ask that you do not use any of my written content.

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