Lush Oatifix Review

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

If you haven’t eaten a whole “sharing” bag of Doritos while watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey you’re a liar.

I’m usually ok when it comes to my diet but sometimes I just want to bathe in Irn Bru and have an unlimited supply of crisps next to me. It’s incredibly obvious when I’ve gone on a junk food binge as my skin makes me look even more zombie like than usual and I’m probably trying to hide the moon craters that have erupted all over my face. Usually, my skin will go back to normal after a week of drinking nothing but water and force feeding myself carrots but a week is too long for my impatient self. I want quick fixes to all of my problems and my quick fix skin care starts and ends with Lush.

Lush Oatifix fresh face mask

Thanks to Lush’s bring back 5 empty pots for a free face mask deal and my Lush addiction, I’m doing pretty well in having a steady supply of fresh face masks to work with. I usually opt for Cosmetic Warrior but, as I had been on a junk food binge in the days leading up to visiting Lush, I wanted something that was going to help my dried out, icky skin. I went for Oatifix on the recommendation of a Lush employee who always seem to be the nicest people both in personality and smell wise.

Oatifix is made from bananas, illipe butter, oatmeal, ground almonds and a whole bunch of scientific sounding things to help moisturize dry skin. It smells like a hearty breakfast cereal and is just as thick and lumpy. My other half and I had a hell of a time trying to get Oatifix onto our faces as it doesn’t stick to skin as well as other Lush face masks.

Once you’ve battled with the application of Oatifix and you have a nice, thick face mask all you have to do is wait around for 10 minutes before washing the oat lumps off. Washing Oatifix off is just as difficult as applying it so I really wish I had used this face mask right before showering; that would’ve been too sensible for me though!

Lush Oatifix fresh face mask

I was adamant Oatifix was going to leave my skin looking and feeling greasier than a chip pan after I’d washed it off but I couldn’t have been more wrong if I tried. Oatifix had actually managed to get my skin back to normal after just one use and it had evened out my other half’s skin tone (he suffers from acne scarring and a little redness). Admittedly, my other half did resemble a wax figure but that look had disappeared by the following morning. Every other use of Oatifix gave us the same results which meant I didn’t have to consume an obscene amount of carrots! My other half did accidentally fall asleep with it on but, despite having oat goo on his face for 2 hours, it didn’t have any negative effect on his skin whatsoever.

My only wish for Oatifix is that it didn’t expire so quickly. The face masks in Lush are amazing but only getting around 3 weeks of use from them before they go out of date isn’t fun. More often or not, I never finish the small tubs and I’ve seen one too many moldy Lush products to risk using them beyond their expiration date. Despite the limited timeframe to use Oatifix in, I’d still happily pick this face mask up every time I’ve got tubs to return and skin to fix.

Benefit Cheeky Stowaways Beauty Kit

Friday, 1 September 2017

Do you know what really annoys me about airports? People; airports would be much more enjoyable if it wasn’t for other people. It’s not that I don’t want to share an airport with you (it totally is but let’s pretend I’m nice) it’s just I can’t handle people getting in my way at 4 am when I’m dragging an overweight suitcase and my tired butt around. I actively avoid moving anywhere in an airport until my gate is called as I know I’ll end up throwing my passport or a shoe at someone. The benefit of my aggressive airport tendencies means I rarely spend any unnecessary money as the idea of fighting my way through duty-free is not even remotely appealing. That being said, Prague airport is so unbelievably efficient that I ended up in duty-free without anyone but my other half so they won, I bought something. How dare they run an airport correctly and ruin my foul mood!

Benefit Cheeky Stowaways Beauty Kit

In my weak defence, I did want some new makeup products especially blusher and bronzer as I’ve been using nothing but MAC Dollymix and Benefit Dandelion for years now. I had plans on buying individual products as opposed to a palette as I always feel like large palettes are anything but travel-friendly (which goes against the travel set that this is supposed to be). I couldn’t walk away from the Cheeky Stowaways beauty kit regardless of how much of a pain it is to travel with though so it instantly became mine.

The Cheeky Stowaways beauty kit consists of Benefit’s infamous Hoola, Coralista, my beloved Dandelion and Rockateur. It also contains a small tube of They’re Real mascara and They’re Real push-up liner. There’s a small blush brush as well which will never be used.

Benefit Cheeky Stowaways Beauty Kit

I’m really taken by the variety of the shades in the Cheeky Stowaways and I’m amazed by the fact they’re all light enough for my skin tone. I’ve stayed away from Hoola for a long time as I was certain it would be far too dark for my ghostly complexion but it’s such a beautiful, light shade that it almost makes my horrendous contour skills look good. Coralista is another shade I would typically stay away from as I feel like coral is a total hit and miss. I don’t think Coralista looks amazing on me, it is too peachy for my skin tone but, with the right look, I can just about get away with it.

Dandelion is probably my all time favourite blusher as it’s the perfect light pink. It works well with my pale complexion and provides me with just the right amount of colour with minimum effort. Rockateur on the other hand looks too dark in the palette for me but it’s currently in a fight with Dandelion for the title of my favourite blusher. I absolutely love wearing Rockateur when I’m going for a subtle “hey look at my face” kind of deal as it provides a pretty pink flush to my cheeks without making it look like I’ve just been slapped.

Benefit Cheeky Stowaways Beauty Kit

Aside from the non-travel friendly size, I love everything about this beauty kit. I may not use the mascara and eyeliner very often but I love having them there in case I feel like having a raccoon eye look (I can’t use eyeliner and mascara to save my life) and the variety of shades of blusher means I’ve got shades for almost every mood. All I need now is a bright red for when I feel like looking like a clown. I wonder if I can get one in duty-free...
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