How to Drink 2 Litres of Water Every Day

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Pink Water Bottle

While drinking water on a regular basis is said to give you clearer skin, promote kidney function and boost brain power, drinking 8 glasses of the stuff each day is no easy task. I never used to bother drinking water when I was younger but now that my kidneys are forever giving me stones, I’ve had to increase my water intake to stop the stones from clumping. There are a few things I’ve found that makes drinking 2 litres of water each day a little easier and hopefully, these tips will help you too. Here goes!

Carry a Bottle with You at All Times:

If I don’t have a bottle of water near me, I don’t drink. Getting up halfway through an activity to go get a glass of water is a pain in the butt so having a bottle next to me at all times means I can drink without interrupting what I’m doing too much. It’s also great to have a bottle in your car or a small bottle in your bag too so you can drink whenever you’re thirsty.

Drink From a Bottle with a Straw:

I went to Nike a few months ago and bought myself a rather cute pink bottle with a built in straw. It holds 875ml worth of liquid and it makes consuming water so much easier. Since it has a straw, I find myself mindlessly drinking while carrying out mundane tasks. It makes drinking water so much easier as I can sit there with the straw in my mouth and drink until my heart is content. Plus I don’t pour the contents all over myself like I usually do with regular bottles. I’m a clumsy human!

Download a Hydrating App:

Logging your water intake is a great way to keep you motivated to have more water. I use the iDrated app – I think this is only available for iPhones – which gives you prompts as to when you should have your next drink. I like being able to see my daily water intake so I can try and beat it the next day. I’m in a weird, watery competition with myself.

Pace Yourself:

If you have a goal in mind, you might be tempted into drinking as much water as possible in one go but trust me, that is a bad move. If you consume too much water too quickly, your body can’t process it properly and you end up in desperate need of the toilet. Knowing you’re going to be running back and forth from the bathroom all day isn’t appealing and will discourage you from having water so just pace yourself. Sip the water, don’t gulp it like it’s the first time you’ve seen the stuff in days.

Consume Foods That Contain Water:

Fresh fruit and vegetables typically contain water so, if you don’t fancy drinking 2 litres every day, this is another great way to get more of the clear stuff into your diet. Strawberries, cucumber, watermelon and lettuce are practically all water so they’re a great place to start.

While these tips aren’t full proof, they’ve made it so much easier for me to get in as much water as my body needs on a daily basis. Willpower is definitely required too especially when you’re craving a sugary drink but remember, water will always make you feel and look better than a 500ml bottle of Coke ever will. Happy drinking!

Sheila's Natural Products Review

Monday, 20 June 2016

It probably comes as no surprise to regular readers of this blog that I love a good natural product. While I occasionally gravitate towards the convenience of easily accessible products that are commonly found in supermarkets and high street chains, I much prefer to slather a natural product on my skin. I won’t pretend to know the ins and outs of various ingredients but I do know my skin usually feels a lot better when I’ve used a product that’s free from chemicals I can’t pronounce.

Sheila's Natural Products

The latest additions to my skincare routine are from a brand that is 100% vegan and is plant based. Sheila’s Natural Products offers lip balms, moisturisers for various skin types and hand cream. All of the products from this brand contain no parabens, are not tested on animals and are organic where possible. What’s not to like?

I reached the end of my regular moisturiser towards the end of last month so I acquired the Sheila’s Natural Products moisturiser for medium/dry skin and the moisturiser for normal skin at the right time. I’ve been switching between the 2 moisturisers depending on the weather but the one for medium/dry skin has definitely received the most love.

Sheila's Natural Products

The moisturiser aimed at medium/dry skin contains starflower, safflower and hempseed oils which are believed to ease the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and acne. I’m currently in the middle of a minor eczema flare up (thank you dairy) hence why this moisturiser has received more attention than the one aimed at normal skin. Usually during an eczema flare up, I get dry skin on one side of my face but that hasn’t happened with this moisturiser. My skin feels smooth and hydrated and I’m not even using that much of the product. A little goes a long way with this cream. Win!

As for the moisturiser aimed towards people with “normal” skin, I’ve found it does just as good a job as the dry/medium one. I tend to use the moisturiser for normal skin before I apply my makeup as it soaks into the skin very quickly. It makes a very smooth, easy to work with base for my makeup and it contains almond oil which always helps my eczema flare ups. Another win!

The last product I’ve been using from the Sheila's Natural Products brand is the lavender lip balm. Despite drinking copious amounts of water throughout the day, my lips get very dry, very quickly so I’ve been using this lip balm every morning.

Sheila's Natural Products

Admittedly, lavender is not my favourite scent and the lavender is initially quite strong when applied. Fortunately, it disappears quite quickly and I’m left with hydrated lips for a long period of time. It’s a great lip balm to apply before putting on even my most drying of lipsticks and, if lavender is a scent that calms and relaxes you, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to apply before going to bed.

Overall, I’m really pleased with all 3 products and my body was clearly so happy to have them that it gave me an eczema flare up to really test the moisturisers. Fortunately, everything lived up to expectation and, although each product will last a good few months, I’d happily purchase from Sheila’s Natural Products once I’ve run out. You can’t go wrong with natural products that do exactly what they say on the tin.

Disclaimer: The products featured in this post were provided for review purposes.
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